Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What We Were

I’m not sure,
If a day will come,
When my heart will not endure,
A hairline fracture,
Each time that I think of you.
You never hesitate to remind me
I was the one that walked away.
But I left what we had become…
Not what we were.
I left the vast cavern of emptiness
That had begun to fill the space between us…
Not the close friends that once shared dreams.
Not the man that knew my everything.
I left the strangers that we grew awkwardly into,
And the indifferent lives we had begun to lead.
Not the way we were, for a moment in time,
Two people, partners, moving in harmony.
I’m not even sure what hurts more…
To think of what we had become,
What we were,
Or the unfulfilled promise,
Of what we had hoped to be.

(Originally November 18, 2011)

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