Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remainder of my forever

You envelop me 
in the sweet comfort 
of a blanket of love, 
when you are present.
My body longs to be 
next to yours, 
each moment that you are not here. 
To feel your lips upon mine 
so soft and so tender.
Each time that our lips touch 
I am reminded of the first time… 
The sweet kiss that changed my forever. 
Awakening within me, 
something that I feared was dead. 
A gift that I could never repay.
And so I offer the remainder of my forever, 
in hopes that it may, 
come close to being long enough. 
Look elsewhere? 
I shall never ever. 
Nothing else could compare, 
to the promise of our love, 
or to us.

(originally from November 19, 2011)

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