Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Universe Holds Truth

     What is that, really?
We each hold a version of reality,
     our own reality,
          so close to us.
Held so tight
     against our breastbone
          that anything else might
               sound like a falsity.
Our own story…
     where we have been,
          what battles we have fought,
               what wounds we carry within,
                    and what scars cover our skin.
The rest,
     is truly left,
          for the universe to hold.
To hang on it’s fingers
     hold tight in it’s grasp
          woven with threads
               of angst from our plight.
Held against our own reality
     a comparison in view
          we may see the light
               we may just see the truth.
(December 28, 2011)

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