Monday, May 14, 2012


We belong
to whispers at night
                      drunken interludes
                and innocent occasions
                      in stolen shadows
                     by strangers
                           in passing
            and only half
        borne true to life
images hidden
   pressed between pages
            of pictures
                    of a life
                once wanted
                    now unfulfilled
        vodka stained lips
           and Red Bull laced veins
    hold memories
barely contained
       by the silence in a seam
                        spent in a dream
                          …Just you.
                      …Just me.
            and our pages
           have no names
our story ending
    forever left
                  just as a song
                has no lyrical home
       and a love
    never expressed
touches but only one heart.
                                As for you and I,
                        changed forevermore
               surface of skin
   to depth of soul.


I want to feel the breath
  from your body
                  in short fragments
      through the tiny slivers
    of space
      between my fingers
  so I can confirm
       you really are

And your heartbeat…
      I want to hear the rhythm
    the thump
                   as the valves
              in your heart
        draw life
             from the chambers
                             your arms
                 which I want
             wrapped tightly
       around me
     so you can confirm
                 that I really am

Friday, May 11, 2012

Whispering Wind

I like to listen
  when the wind talks
             because I feel
            that secrets
         are carried
               in the breeze
but sometimes
   it’s too hard to hear
       with all the madness
           the day.
Send your wishes
           into the sunshine
                 on the tail off
     a warm,
         eastbound breeze
I will put
     my ear to the skies
               and send a sign
            if your words
                     capture me.

Not a Keeper

I claw at my throat
but it’s no use
I still cannot
begin to breathe

Half a life
slammed shut
in a dusty book
and shelved
only for future
to look back on

by only me
and me alone

You are not a keeper
of memories
nor my heart

Always easy for you
to throw away
and things

it is unsettling
sitting curbside
with the rubbish

Thursday, May 10, 2012


  through hallways
     and down stairwells
         into basements
   smelling of pizza
 and lust at 2:00 am
        melting into his sofa
     watching his eyes
 devour her with
         hunger and desire
      as he looked longingly
   at the supple curves
          of her young flesh
        begging to be
        schooled in seduction
 his desire unmasked
by the glow
   of the television
       experienced hands
 traveling to destinations
     only imagined
            in his lurid dreams
        and his tongue
  following suit
      bringing her innocence
                  …to its knees.

Think Tank Thursday

I've joined the Poets United community and they have a prompt today as part of their Think Tank Thursday. I chose to do mine using blackout poetry that I created using the local horoscope that I always read on a news website near me.  Here's the clip, followed by my submission.

enough of
people, places and things
to stir up your ire
your pride
or your fear
you're more than average
fuel this fire
break it down
more honesty and truthfulness

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Take a Breath

Restlessness fills me
head to toe - body and soul.
Breathe easy. Let go.
(February 7, 2012)