Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Paper Cranes

A thousand paper cranes
   flew through my dreams last night.
   fervently scripted,
      on delicate washi sheets
         inscribed in ebony,
      (ink darker than the midnight sky)
         and folded,
      by the tiny hands of the unknown
         then thrown,
            into the atmosphere,
               like heartfelt messages tossed to sea.
They carried with them
   hushed secrets
      of forlorn lovers
            by miles
               or circumstance,
      whispered into their wings,
         by children,
            that dare to dream
               and to create
                  fairy tales,
                     in their minds,
   and wisdom,
      of those that have carried
         the tremendous weight
            of knowledge
               on their shoulders
                  across this vast earth.
They beckoned to me,
   like paper lanterns,
      glowing in the wind,
         to reach out and gather
            their delicately crafted bodies
         and unfold
            that which was cast to the breeze,
               in hopes,
                  of being harnessed
                     by the universe.
I closed my eyes
   and wished,
      upon all the stars in the heavens,
         that I may
            reach out and cage
               the bird inscribed by only you.
I longed to hear it sing
   the loving notes
      of your sweet lullaby to me.
Your words,
   written on it’s wings.
I want to tattoo my skin
   in a million words of love,
      (your words)
         (your love)
            and bleed only ink.
But when I reached for them,
   they came to life
      and flew,
         towards the horizon
            on paper wings
                  by the lungs of creation.
(January 20, 2012)

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