Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loving Artist

You have painted
    so beautifully
          on my skin.
Your fingertips
    making lovely brushes.
          Tools to share truth.
  Emotion easily spreads
      in colors and starbursts.
            Fluid lovingly glows.
My body is a palette.
           Your canvas.
   To mix
           and to blend
       with what you feel
   and where you have been.
Your experiences
          and your love for me,
    written gently on my skin.
You paint landscapes
      against my mountains…
  breathless and captivating.
                   to be hiked
           by your skillful hands
         and ardent tongue.
In the dips of my valleys
  and rhythmic pulse
    of my natural stream
            you quake and peak.
Your deep brown eyes,
   both lustful spectators
       loving participants
in the art
      that you carefully create.
The cool shade of my shadow
      always offering
  a soft mound
       upon which you rest
                 your weary head.
(February 1, 2012)

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