Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Pulling me close
Your mouth merging with mine
Our lips and tongues
Dancing a dance of lovers intent.
So sweet and gentle.
Your taste, like your scent
Intoxicates me and feeds my addiction.
Your hands like warm butter
Gliding over my skin
Caressing me from head to toe.
Your fingers like magnets
To your favorite places
And mine
Just as well.
Kisses left artfully
here and there as you work
Your mouth exploring my body.
Your tongue on my thigh
Or lips around my nipples
Enciting pleasure, your hobby.
Your mouth slowly
Tracing its way to my lips.
Lips that cannot kiss back
Fingers gently gliding
And teasing
Until you finally succumb
To your own addiction
At last
I sigh
At a flick of your tongue.
(originally from December 4, 2011)

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